What sets Synergy Land apart is the combination of 3 factors:








—  Relationships  —

in the Land Industry

—  Experience  —

in Land Development

—  Knowledge  —

of the Land Market

Current Market Knowledge  Supporting Informed Decisions


             We help customers make solid decisions & increase value using current, market-based



It's said that "knowledge is power".  We generate property specific information which helps us promote land value and support our customers in making informed decisions.


Relevant Experience  Developing Solid Strategies


             The scope of our marketing strategy goes far beyond picking a list price and posting the

             property online.


Our experience with development land spans 200+ parcels throughout the Twin Cities.  This background has honed our ability to identify opportunities, navigate the process, and manage the

sale though closing.


Connected Relationships  Producing Effective Results


             Our roots in the industry help us reach 90+% of the land buyer market and provide our

             customer strong results.


We maintain relationships with hundreds of developers, builders, investors, and others within the industry.  This broad exposure helps us create high-quality sale opportunities, boldly negotiate on behalf of our customers, and close the property at the best combination of price, terms, and timing.



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